Beware of what you prayed for! My partners and I had separately asked God for divine partnerships to come along in this industry. He sent us - us! Sandra and myself finally bought into equal shares with Jean (founder of REvive) in August 2017.


REvive Aesthetics is established to bring on this wonderful principle to everyone - where true beauty comes from inside out. We did not buy into a new company that starts from scratch. Rooted since 2006, REvive boasts a massive 12 years’ experience in the beauty industry and what’s more attractive is the 17,000 awaiting customers! And that explains why we are now on a smooth journey to success! In mere 5 months, REvive leaped from its flagship clinic at Clark Quay Central to another 2 aesthetics branches at Parkway Parade and West Coast Plaza. Thanks be to God!


Setting up beauty centers that make women happy brightens our souls. Seeing our people’s smiley faces and customers’ delighted expressions tell us it’s all worth the effort and hard work. Going all the way to find true blue treatments are never easy. Taking into serious considerations of different skin type, conditions and body shapes and sizes, we are so glad we have really made our customers smile from ear to ear. Take your pick and tell us what suits you best.


With more than a decade of passion and dedication, REvive has always been one of the favourite down-to-earth beauty haven for every woman seeking beauty retreat from head to toes. We are greatly appreciated by people who love our products, services and most importantly, our people! Thank you for recognizing our efforts and giving us the acknowledgment for our passion.